Mystic Topaz Earrings

Plain drop earrings with faceted stones. The stones here are mystic topaz which is white topaz with electroplating on the back to make them fabulously stunning and also fake. Bought these off a professional gem purchaser at a jewelry guild garage sale/swap meet. Along with a bunch of other stuff. This is the last pair we have. Maybe could get more. Sometimes they are blues & greens.

For some reason I didn’t take a picture of the back, which is open.

The pair is $72.

(It’s possible I haven’t remembered the exact commercial name for this particular treatment correctly. Se la vie.)



Tudor Rose & Shot

Here are some more tudor rose earrings, this time with stones. The larger pairs have (l to r upper) turquoise and citron chyrsoprase. The smaller pair has garnet.

The larger pairs (~ an inch across) are in the simplified style. The smaller pair (~ 3/4 inch) is in the original style and has ten shot dispersed into the design. Shot are solid bits of sterling silver melted and pulled into spheres by the surface tension of the molten metal. They are named after similar bits, lead or steel usually, used as firearm projectiles.

These earrings all have the french-kidney wires which we make. These wires are both wrapped onto the earring and provided with a safety hook to help guard against loss.

The usual price for the simplified tudor rose earrings with stones is $50 and for the original style is $90. Of course, whenever you’re talking including stones, it’s possible to make choices which might add considerably to price.

All can be ordered small, medium or large sized. (Of which small and medium are pictured here, with large being ~ 1 1/4 inch across.)

As with all chassed pieces, reflection is a constant annoyance for the photography, and, as usual when I encounter such an impediment in this bloggy endeavor, I simply choose to ignore it.


Tudor Rose Earring

Came across these earrings unpacking from Oregon Country Fair. The style is called Tudor Rose (after a playing card deck’s ┬áback design) and they’re one of the oldest styles we still make. This pair is from a batch we made a year or two ago and were much simplified in an effort to make something easy and affordable as an internet sales staple. They lack many of the details of our ‘regular’ design which ordinarily has ten laboriously placed pieces of shot on each earring and often has stones set in the center. The wires for these are also just simple hooks and don’y have the kidney hook of our more elaborate wires. They’re still individually hand hardened, polished and wrapped on.

We are still looking for some internet sales to dribble in a little extra dough.

This pair is a medium size for this design. Looks like it might be the last from the former batch. It’s marked at $40 which would probably also hold for a custom ordered pair.

(Shipping’s mostly around $10.)

They can be made in smaller or larger versions.

This technique of our jewelry, which has a wire design soldered to sheet and is then shaped from the back by repousse, is always deucedly hard to take a decent picture of. It’s got reflections everywhere. That’s probably a good thing, when you have them on.