Black Onyx and Necklace

For us, the piece we call a necklace has the chain permanently attached. A pendant has the chain separate. Often the chain on a necklace is one which we make ourselves. We call the chain on this necklace a bones chain. (We also call the necklace style a bones necklace, but that’s a fairly obscure designation.) The design here is a version of the heart wing.

The stones on this are all ones we carved and polished ourselves. They are in a stone ordinarily called black onyx. Onyx is a gem name with an ancient and confused heritage. In my mind, it is properly a black and white banded agate from which cameos can be carved. Sardonyx is the read and white version. Silver onyx is, on another hand, a soft, white, banded stone like alabaster. Black onyx might properly be black agate, which it normally is, except nowadays it’s almost always color enhanced. The material we use for black onyx is dark agate dyed black. We find it a wonderful medium: hard, tough, uniform, easily polishable, and, as far as we have noticed or anyone has reported, completely colorfast.

This piece has just about everything we ever put into a necklace including the filigree wire-work on the reverse. According to the anticipated price on the design sheet, we once had great hope for it, and, while we still love it, we might be ready to negotiate that a bit.

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