Amethyst Necklace & Extensions

This amethyst necklace has blue topaz side stones and a bones chain. Don’t know how good my pics are but this a a nearly perfect set of amethyst cabochons. The big ones are all still very bright and the little ones still show strong color. In basically an exact hue match and with only barely perceptible interior flaws. The blue topaz is of course very bright and, if you use your imagination, sort of blue.

The back on this necklace is plain. The price is $520.

The stock length for the (fixed) chain on necklaces is generally around 16 inches. This is usually about as short as anybody wants them. We make extensions for the bones chains which clip into it and make it longer. These come with the necklace. They can be any length above about an inch and a half. Sizing of the attached chain is also an option, but requires having the piece in the studio for torch work.

Bug Rings & Braid

Here are three rings with braid bands, two in the single braid style and one in the double. In two of the rings the bezel head forms a stylized scarab design.

So we call those Bug Rings.

Counter-clock-wise from the top in the first picture the rings here are: 1. A single braid set with a hexagonal green jade ($150) 2. a single braid bug ring with an amethyst body and a citrine head ($165) 3. a double braid bug ring with a lapis lazuli body and a holley blue agate head ($196.)

The braid for the rings is made by braiding three sterling silver wires together in a piece about twenty inches long. Pieces are cut from this and all those places where they cross are soldered. This assembly is forged to a suitable evenness and border wires are soldered on. This further assembly is forged and sanded flat enough to solder onto a heavy plate which is cut out and finished before being bent into a ring shank.