Lapis Murphy Ring & Fabrication

The process by which we create our jewelry is called fabrication, which might seem uselessly tautological, but the term has a technical meaning in our craft which is NOT CASTING. Fabrication is the building up of a piece by soldering parts together. For solder we use a silver-based alloy with small amounts of zinc to give melting and flow temps a little lower than the precious metal alloys the parts are made from. This gives strengths more similar to brazing or welding processes than to the ‘soldering iron’ results of the tin and lead solders with which people are more familiar.

The piece here is the most complicated fabrication we have so far accomplished, with close to a hundred solder joints. Fortunately they are often made several at a time. A lot of them have to be made above the block though because rings.

We call this a Murphy ring. This one is set with a good-sized lapis lazuli cabachon.

The price is $299. The size measures a ten. These rings run a bit large from having a hollow place behind the bezel. These rings are hard to size but I’ll probably do it. Or I will find a stone you approve and build a new one.

Country Fair Rings & Sizing

Couple of rings we brought back from Oregon Country Fair, even though we sold them. Both of them are in the filigre style, named for the bits of wire work buttressing the sides of the bezel. One is a fairly bright garnet that’s sort of purple and is cut en cabachon (smooth & rounded.) The other is a really sparkly white sapphire with a facet cut. The setting  charge for this style is around $120 to $150. The garnet is a fairly affordable stone, and didn’t add too much to the price. The sapphire was more.

Sizing. The reason we’re bringing them home is because when we originally made them, it wasn’t in the size required by the eventual customer. As you can imagine, this happens a lot, and we have to be ready, willing and able to deal with it. Sometimes we can stretch them a bit on the spot and the customer can take their piece away with them, but usually we have to bring the ring back to the studio, unset the stone, and make a new setting in the required size. We promise shipment of the sized ring within four weeks. Sometimes there is a $10 shipping charge.

Often we can salvage much of the original metalwork for a new ring.

At the show, or anywhere else in person, we can figure out the size you need, but if you’re ordering remotely, online or by phone or something, then you need to know your size. Gauges are available online or perhaps someone already has one. In a pinch we usually have some available that we can mail fairly inexpensively.