Garnet Rings

A big gallery of some pretty lousy pictures of garnet rings. I was trying to show how lively and bright these stones are but washed out the silver work in the process. Probably won’t use this set-up again, but in the spirit of simple and repeatable we’re going to inflict them on everyone anyway. Waste not ….

Over the years (decades?) sterling silver rings with colored stones have become probably the major part of our work. Garnets are always a mainstay. Pictured here, left to right on the horizontal paint-brush picture are: 1. a 10 x 8 mm oval cabochon set in the filigre style ($141) 2. a 7 (ish) mm round faceted stone set in a winged thor ($196) 3. a 6 mm round faceted stone set in a filigre ring ($190) 4. a 5 x 7 mm oval cabachon set in a winged thor (with a twist bezel) ($191, that’s what the list says, seems high?) 5. a 4 x 6 mm faceted oval set in a twist ring($112.)

As always, sizing is included with the purchase, (mostly) free of additional charge.

Plain Bands and Site Plan

We call most every ring with no stone a plain band. These are in a low dome style. The thinner ones (~6mm w x 2 mm h) are formed from stock wire. We call them plain¬†Thor rings and can easily produce them in any size. The wider ones (~8 mm x 2 mm) are cast from molds taken off rings I forged from silver bars. We have a lot of them on hand so there’s a good chance we’ll have one that fits. We’ll probably cast more batches but we don’t do it regularly. (Nothing like an order for incentive.) These are called plain Lisa rings.

Either style can have (a limited number of) words stamped on it.

Prices at present for these rings in sterling silver are $40 for Thor and $60 for Lisa and $15 to $25 for stamping. Plus shipping if needed ($10 usually.)

Site Plan.¬†We have a plan for website and internet commerce. We’re (Wayne really!) putting lots of pictures in lots of blog posts with some hopefully not-too-random comments and lots of tags. Each post is in particular tagged with the sort of piece (ring, earring, etc.) it is and our name for the style and the kind of stone if it has one. This stuff is all in a tag cloud over to the right. So if you click on the one called ring, right now you will get two posts about rings in a column you can scroll or swipe through. There’s also some tags for informational topics addressed. So if you tap site plan on the list, you will be brought to this informative post.

It’s a simple-minded plan. Admittedly.