Garnet Rings

A big gallery of some pretty lousy pictures of garnet rings. I was trying to show how lively and bright these stones are but washed out the silver work in the process. Probably won’t use this set-up again, but in the spirit of simple and repeatable we’re going to inflict them on everyone anyway. Waste not ….

Over the years (decades?) sterling silver rings with colored stones have become probably the major part of our work. Garnets are always a mainstay. Pictured here, left to right on the horizontal paint-brush picture are: 1. a 10 x 8 mm oval cabochon set in the filigre style ($141) 2. a 7 (ish) mm round faceted stone set in a winged thor ($196) 3. a 6 mm round faceted stone set in a filigre ring ($190) 4. a 5 x 7 mm oval cabachon set in a winged thor (with a twist bezel) ($191, that’s what the list says, seems high?) 5. a 4 x 6 mm faceted oval set in a twist ring($112.)

As always, sizing is included with the purchase, (mostly) free of additional charge.